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Hãy theo dõi video hot: PERFECT $2 PHO IN HANOI, VIETNAM

Eat this delicious Vietnamese beef noodle soup at Pho Thin in Hanoi, Vietnam! $2 fresh & cheap perfection 🙂 OH, and stick around for a big update…Watch more Vietnam vlogs:
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Oooo did you watch the video or are you cheating and taking a peek at the description for what the update is? HEHEH too bad, I’m not telling you here ;)!!

BUT I will tell you this delicious Vietnamese pho here is from Pho Thin and it’s one of the best pho restuarants in Hanoi, Vietnam! Talk about a bowl of amazingness for just $2. Cheap and fresh pho? YES please!

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23 responses to “PERFECT $2 PHO IN HANOI, VIETNAM”

  1. ohhh i really missed Hanoi Vietnam it was very beautiful place and the People are so good and nice i missed the vietnamese soup too ..i want to go back there soon

  2. I ate 6 bowls of pho thin in 2 days. It's the best! I ordered a wrong Airbnb in the middle of nowhere but 2 mins walk to this. The Dough is 5K and the Pho is 60k. You can get Pho at Gia Trueng for 45k but this has so much more
    beef and onion! And the broth is so light you can't even taste the beef … perfect 👌

  3. Your expression when you said " we're going to…. Indiaaaa" OMG that so hilarious and funny 😀😂😂. Anyway, why don't you try Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su?? It's recommended Pho in Hanoi.

  4. The food looks delicious, and you help affirm my interest in going to Vietnam. The ad before your video was Ron Howard who is teaching a Master Class in filmmaking, which is appropriate for one of your videos since you're a great filmmaker. And remember: Google Drive.

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