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Welcome to the third video in our Vietnam series! In this video, we will be showing you everything to see and do in 48 hours in HANOI, VIETNAM!

We are spending 3 weeks in this beautiful country and we are currently in the city of Hanoi! We have been completely submerged in the hustle and bustle of the city. Hanoi has so much to offer and in today’s video, we are going to be taking you around and showing you all of the do not miss, top sights!

Our first stop was the Temple of Literature. There are 5 different courtyards to walk through and admire. and the city has done a lovely job of maintaining the grounds and the perfectly manicured gardens.

We also made stops at the Hoa Lo Prison, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Trúc Bạch Lake, and so much more!

One of our favorite stops was the Hanoi Train street! It’s a tiny narrow street surrounded by high narrow houses packed closely together. These families’ backyards are the railways where the train passes a few times per day. Ask the locals about the train schedule to get there for the best time!

There is so much to see and do in Hanoi! Hopefully, this video will help you plan a wonderful itinerary in this beautiful city!

Don’t miss next week when we check off a bucket list item and cruise Ha Long Bay!

— Sammy and Tommy
Filmed February 2020
Episode 096 | Hanoi, Vietnam
#HanoiTravelGuide #Vietnam #Hanoi #HanoiVietnam
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00:00 Intro
01:25 Pho
03:25 Temple of Literature – 1
05:20 Coffee
06:40 Hoa Lo Prison – 2
08:50 Cheers
11:21 Train Street -3
13:33 Mausoleum – 4
19:05 Quan Thanh Temple – 5
19:45 Trúc Bạch Lake – 6
21:02 Tran Quoc Temple – 7
21:50 Train Street Round 2
22:00 St. Joseph’s Cathedral – 8
22:11 Hoan Kiem Lake – 9
23:56 Phung Hung Mural Street – 10

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  1. As a Vietnamese student who lives abroad, I watch a ton of Vietnam travel vlogs to cope with homesickness and this series is hands down one of the best (if not the best) that I've seen! The production was amazing, you did a great job capturing even the small details which together constituted very accurately the vibe of Hanoi. The editing was super clean, great narrative and the whole tour seemed to be very well planned, plus you were also very respectful to the culture and the people ❤️ Seeing you getting instantly hooked to the food and slowly but obviously addicted to the coffee was so funny and cute! Hope you had a great time here!

  2. Just visited Hanoi and I miss it so much😭😭😭I visited all the places in this vlog. So glad you enjoyed it too

  3. Dear! Thankyou so much what you about land , peoples of Viet Nam to ìmformation to all world . Best wishes to your work, have nice days in our Motherland

  4. Loved the video. My wife is from ha long Bay and in February we are going back home to mum and dad and we are going visit Hanoi on that trip ,you video has been very helpful for are February 2023 visit ,thank you 🙏

  5. I loved your video.
    It's very well done. I'm planning to visit Hanoi in October and will do my planning based on your comments for sure.

  6. Was delighted by your vlog until the bit at 23:15 where you mocked that boy cause you thought he probably didn't understand english. And then he spoke perfect english. Let me see you speak that level of vietnamese. I guess fascination for a country doesn't always mean respect for it's people.

  7. We watched all your Hanoi related videos last night in preparation for our next trip. Very glad we found your channel. They were all very informative and answered a lot of questions we had about Hanoi and Ha long Bay. Great job with all these videos. My only question is what part of Hanoi did you stay or more importantly what part do you recommend?

  8. I visit Ha Noi in Februay 1996 – thanks that you remember me to this time, It looks so similar to 1996 😊😊😊

  9. Really appreciate you guys included the prison as part of the vietnam history, as most youtubers dont. It really did bring out the depth content of your video which makes it more meaningful and valuable video. Vietnam has a incredible history of war. One thousand year (1000) under the control of China, 100 years under the French colonialism, and 20 years of Vietnam War with the U.S. Vietnam managed to kick all enemies out of their country and they should be proud of their Freedom and Independence. Now, Vietnam is a peaceful country with beautiful sceneries, really hope to visit Vietnam before i die. Thank you for your meaningful video.

  10. If you wanna enjoy and love Vietnam just stay away from the big cities their extremely annoying and dangerous traffic/animal-like drivers and the noise. Hit the countryside instead. Beware of food prepared with poor hygiene measures and toxic non food safe cheap plastic utensils. Other than that and the pollution Vietnamese people that are not vendors or shady tour agents are super friendly and helpful, very humble. My two cents!

  11. how is the weather in Hanoi now and why everyone wearing jacket and sweater? I’m going next Sunday with my 70 years old mom..

  12. Super impressed with the editing the views.. humane touch and story and information all along. You two are doing a great job

  13. Excellent video and very informative ( more than usual…, especially on history ). Mom (Jackie) and Sammy…, bright, intelligent, and beautiful… Dad (Tom)…, look like…, he is having fun ! ! "Good looking gentleman…" Excellent video, and thank you for sharing the video… I miss Vietnam… Sammy is bright, intelligent, and attractive… " Semper FI " Mike in Montana 🙂

  14. Welcome to Vietnam. If you need any information about Vietnam, please dont hesitate to come to my channel and leave comments below any videos. we are happy to answer any question from you.

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