Pho Hanoi

Pho Hanoi

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Join Daryl & Mindi as they enjoy a Hanoi Pho breakfast in Hanoi, Vietnam.
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20 responses to “Pho Hanoi”

  1. wonder if you 2 would do Saigon? ..a world of good foods to explore over there , dont miss out on them ! liked.

  2. Phonally. Lol! 🙂
    I didn't know that pho is a relatively new invention, or that it came about with some European influence. That was really interesting!

  3. Oh boy crossing those streets wow. I'm not really a noodle person but you guys make everything look so good…I actually don't mind trying some.

  4. That looked delicious. Pho is such a filling dish as there's so much in it I tried out a Vietnamese restaurant in Houston Texas that had delicious pho but I wonder how it would compare with the Hanoi version?

  5. Oh, pho. One of my favorite foods in the world. When I was in Vietnam I tried to eat some every day. Because it's the best.

  6. You two crack me up! Love Pho locally but I would love to check it out in Hanoi one day. Cool that the chicken pho was healing. Nothing like chicken soup! For breakfast too!

  7. LOL! This is so crazy. I do the same thing but only, with regular bike riders and not motorized ones. I never thought of having pasta for breakfast. Love your vlog!

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