TRYING EVERY PHO IN SAN JOSE! (Pho Kim Long, Pho Ha Noi & more) ft. Mom

TRYING EVERY PHO IN SAN JOSE! (Pho Kim Long, Pho Ha Noi & more) ft. Mom

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We are TRYING EVERY PHO in SAN JOSE! San Jose has some of the TOP PHO restaurants in the whole Bay Area and all of California! Mom and I went to find the best pho in San Jose and visited pho spots including Pho Kim Long, Pho Ha Noi, Pho Papa & more!

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Pho Dao
1631 N Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA 95132

Pho Kim Long
2082 N Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA 95132

Pho Ha Noi
969 Story Rd No. 6048, San Jose, CA 95122

Pho Y #1
1660 E Capitol Expy, San Jose, CA 95121

Pho Papa
1611 Capitol Expy, San Jose, CA 95121

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46 responses to “TRYING EVERY PHO IN SAN JOSE! (Pho Kim Long, Pho Ha Noi & more) ft. Mom”

  1. VLOGMAS EPISODE 9!! 🎄 I might be uploading the next vlogmas on Monday instead of Sunday cuz I'll probably need an extra day for filming and editing, just a heads up! Hope you guys understand 💕
    ALSO what's your favorite pho restaurant?!?!?! I NEED TO KNOWWW so comment below!!

  2. I love Pho Kim Long!! This video has inspired me to try all of these other pho restaurants I've never been to. Thank you for doing this video!

  3. there is no correct way to eat pho, just eat it however you want. If you want to put the sauce in the broth you can. I've been doing it since I was a kid and i still do it now

  4. I came here today
    Pho is really really normal
    The broth of the pho is bland
    The man is working there is nice
    But 2 girl working there weren’t nice with us at all
    He clean the table really good
    Inside restaurant looking not clean and sad
    I don’t know why this restaurant has 4 stars and somebody on YouTube recommended this place.
    There are other Pho restaurant in the san Jose area a lot better.
    I’ll never ever come back here again

  5. you should try pho restaurants here in socal in little saigon i would agree in the bay area but not in california

  6. I love when you do videos with your mom lol it reminds me of me and my mom❤️ it’s so sweet ❤️❤️it’s truly a gift to be such good friends with your mom😌

    Ps. Love your channel 😄

  7. Videos with mama meimei are my favorite to watch!!! Her personality is so sweet and listening to you guys talk it just feels like we’re all friends.

  8. Lol as a native Sj viet, I feel like going to pho Kim long without ordering the chicken pho brings shame to my ancestors. Love the videos anyway. So much keeps opening up I can’t keep up anymore.

  9. Love the Review! Another one you should check out is Pho Tau Bay (the silver creek location)
    one of my favs. not the best quality meat, but something about the broth i love.

  10. Kim Long must be everywhere in the US bc we have it here on the coast of MS. It's a great place to get pho.

  11. I tried Pho Dao pho today and was very disappointed. The meat was not good and the vegetables had black spots on the leaves. The waiter put the chopsticks in the trays on the tables and made a lot of noise. Uncomfortable environment. The place was cold as well. Not recommended.

  12. After seeing SanJose I clicked right away because I love my pho and I actually do live in San Jose and I usually eat Pho 90 and Pho Ha Noi

  13. hi I'm glad you're doing this because I love for my nephew's part b Nummies and we Ivan eating fun for 25 years I love by and I live by Capitol and Monterey and there's a place to buy fi and it's terrible I will never go back there again but there's lots of other ones I've been to that a really good so I'm going to keep watching to see which ones are really good alright take care

  14. you pretty much hit all the good spots I know of in San Jose! another place my family likes to hit up is Dac Phuc in downtown.. they're mostly known for their pho ap chao (which is a fried pho dish).. but their regular pho is also great.

  15. ehh about the sriracha and sauce thing – i think it might be differences between regions, bc im from northern vietnam and people just put it in the broth lol. pretty sure eating pho with sauce is a more southern way. anyway i'm just writing this comment to tell people that eating pho either way is fine!

  16. literally obsessed with how cute they are. Pho Hanoi is my favorite but now I have a bunch of new places I want to try.

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