Owner of top pho restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam share his secret to success

Owner of top pho restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam share his secret to success

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Hãy theo dõi bài viết Owner of top pho restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam share his secret to success

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Pho is perhaps Vietnam’s most famous dish. Rice noodles served in a light but tasty broth, topped with beef or chicken and fresh herbs seems simple, but getting that right balance of flavours requires skill and precision. Nguyen Trong Thin is the owner of Pho Thin, one of Hanoi’s most renowned pho restaurants, which has been serving customers for nearly 40 years. He says the secret to his success is not only about the ingredients you use.

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47 responses to “Owner of top pho restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam share his secret to success”

  1. pho is awesome but for some reason it doesn't fill me up for very long, after about 3 or 4 hours I'm starving again

  2. i love pho very much,from China.
    There is pho restaurant here,Its so expensive 6$ a bowl of Pho😭.

  3. Let me tell u guys something a owner of a restaurant will never ever give u his or her Recipes never, if he or she tells u if not true they just want to made a fool out of u

  4. My ambrosia. I could seriously eat Pho for breakfast/lunch/dinner 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, and never get tired of it. Best dish ever created.

  5. question for vietnamese. whats crispy deep friend thing in your language called? is it you tiao? do i get that everytime i order pho, or it has additional price?

  6. the way they fill the bowl with broth all the way to the top has to be the most satisfying thing for a vietnamese person

  7. Not cool the way the guy who was manning the broth (end of vid) was touching his bare feet…maybe the secret is toe jam

  8. I don't mean to be rude but it's really offensive to compare or say vietnam is like China yes we get it China took our country for 1000 years but that doesn't mean every food and everything is a "copy" of chinese things

  9. I love pho and for those who don't know, hanoi which is north Vietnam is the originator of pho. started during the French Vietnam war. even the noodles are chinese so pho is a very international dish.

  10. I just dont understand how u cud eat such hot broth in hot wrather. N i assume vietnam is pretty hot. I live in florida n my ex neighbours were vietnamese, who always ate pho or hot noodles in like 100degrees shirtless outside like made no sense.😕

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